Empowering You Towards Growth Through Hospice Relationships

Teaching funeral professionals the secrets to growing their business.

Do you know that you should be talking to hospice workers but aren't sure how to start the conversation?

Are you looking to get more calls for your funeral home for the lowest marketing costs?

Are you eager to level up your management skills to retain your best employees and create a better culture?

The WD Group has your solution for all of these needs and more.

Hi, I’m Will de Michaelis,

I grew my family business from under 2,000 calls to over 4,500 calls per year based on the playbook I've created in my Hospice Marketing Masterclass.

My mission is clear: To provide an all-in-one marketing course for funeral professionals who want to get more at-need calls.

We'll teach you how to:

- Drive at-need cases.

- Capitalize on the right marketing.

- Build relationships with your healthcare community.

Join me on a transformative journey to elevate the standards in deathcare.

Together, we have the power to propel your business to new heights,
enrich the lives of grieving families, 
and leave a lasting positive impact on the industry.


Hospice Marketing Seminar

  • On-site seminar
  • Travel expense
  • Suite of 10 branded flyers
  • Hospice Marketing eBook
  • Custom Target Marketing List
  • Three Monthly Consulting Consults
  • Custom Marketing Plan